28 February, 2009

you're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes and fancy cars.

bowling is fun.
i had the best time last night with my friends (:
becca kept bowling at the same time i did so we were bowling down two balls at the same lane at once. it was hilarious, because one ball would make it through but then the other ball would get stopped in the gutter because the machine would go over the pins to take them down and it would hit the ball. at one point, i threw the ball down really slowly and it got stuck so becca bowled another ball down, but at the same time melissa bowled so we had one ball stuck in the right gutter, and another one stuck in the left gutter, and so melissa threw another ball down to hit one of the balls through but it hit beccas ball down and melissa's ball came back up so then we had THREE balls stuck in the gutter. it was hilarious. seriously, one of the funnest nights of my life. oh yes, and the 32 oz mountain dews that we bought helped a bit (:

i love these pictures. they make me feel so light and dreamy, and carefree.

i'm in the mood for an 80's teen movie night...

my wall of life.

my weekend is consisting of...
reading and kitting (:

23 February, 2009

First Day of School! First Day of School!

I woke up when my alarm went off and got right up! I congratulated myself for not lying in bed and wasting time and got ready for school.

We have a global quiz today!? when Becca walked into school and i met her at our usual spot, the first thing Melissa and i said was "Do we really have a global test today? Why would she give us a global test on the first day back from vacation?" So, melissa, becca, and i walked upstairs to talk to her. Before heading off to the global room, becca dropped off her sax and i dropped my clarinet off in the band room. as we were walking out, i saw him. sitting right there, and suddenly i stopped. becca and i immediatley glanced at eachother and smiled. Straightening up, and starting up a new conversation, i walked right by him, with quickly stealing an innoncent glance, of course. i mean, who could resist that gorgeous face?

no global test! congrats kenzy! Kenzy made it to states for the school ski team, and junior olympics with her other ski team! sendoff time! yay kenzy!

finally home... i'm so tired, i just want to chill.
so, good bye for now,
so i can go read my book (:

salut, mon amis

22 February, 2009

snow snow snow

I don't want to get up... i woke up and laid in bed for a few minutes before popping up and going downstairs.
"Oh, my gosh! look at all that snow!"

i ate some cereal, played some cards, then went back upstairs to work on my global project. An Arid Night: A Guide to Crossing the Sahara Desert. Sound like fun?
various points in the day i looked out my window longingly. When will i be able to go outside and feel the frigid snowflakes land on my cheeks instead of pile on the ground and make even higher snowbanks? finally, the project was done and i went outside with megg and reilly. Reilly is such a silly boy, the silliest puppy i know. good thing his fur is black and contrasted the icy white snow or else we would have lost him in the high banks!

Hayley, please make us some desert. My favorite! i mixed us some fresh strawberries, yogurt and cool whip to put into a pie. Oh, sorry, darling, we don't have a pie crust and we don't have the ingrediants to make one. I poured the desert into some bowls and placed them in the freezer to chill.

silence... i turn from the computer screen and look out the window. the snow is, still, following silently to the ground. but now, less violently. peacefully, the snowflakes land on the evergreen leaves and the railing of our deck. some random chuncks are too heavy for the tree branches now, and they fall, landing silently in a pore in the smoothe surface of the blanket of whiteness that covers the ground. Hopefully tomorrow the snow will keep coming and i won't have to go to school.

21 February, 2009

Story of a Girl

50 things you should know about me;

1. My name is Hayley.
2. I hate mean people.
3. comments make me feel special (:
4. i use smilies a lot (:
5. talking on the telephone scares me. the only people i can talk to are my mom, my dad, and one of my friends. anyone else, i get really nervous and s
ay the stupidest things.
6. i'm in full support of the environment.
7. i'm fifteen years young (:
8. if i don't use a period to end my sentence, then i use a smiley face (:
9. i love to take and edit pictures.
10. i hate school. atleast, just the learning part of it.
11. i don't hate most things.
12. i try very hard to be optimistic.
13. most people say i'm really chill because, well, i am.
14. my friends and family are my life.
15. i'm catholic. and i can honestly say that because i go to church every sunday and faith formation every tuesday, and i believe strongly in what i'm taught.
16. i love to eat. i really wish i didn't, though.

17. i'm usually really confident, but sometimes i'm really not.
18. i'm pretty honest about stuff. if you're pissing me off, i'll tell you.
19. i love mitchell davis and i'm going to marry him and alex gaskarth.
20. i would die without my ipod.
21. i love fashion.
22. i love magazines.
23. i love collages.
24. i have no idea what college i want to go to or what i want to major
25. i need to get a job really bad.

26. i've been living without a television since october. at first i hated it, but i've been playing a lot more card and board games, and i'm so used to it now.
27. our new tv is coming sometime this week.
28. i love everything about england and i want to move there when i'm older.
29. biology interests me and confuses me at the same time.

30. the british tv show skins has changed my life.
31. i have two laptops. usually i'm on the good one which means i can go on the fast internet and AIM and stuff, but sometimes i'm on the one i screwed up so it has really slow internet but i have word on that one. so depending on what laptop i'm using, depends on how i can communicate.
32. i'm a facebook addict.
33. i want a mac laptop REALLY bad.

34. i love to bake. cookies, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, breads...
35. my favorite accessories are sunglasses, scarves, and headbands (in that order)
36. i love to type, but i hate how you can never fully tell what the person is meaning.
37. i often use 'jfklsdjfioeaji' when i can't describe my feelings.

38. i use bad language sometimes...often...but i'm trying to stop.
39. i say the words 'hoe,' 'stalker,' and 'creeper' a LOT.
40. i often quote the movie 'mean girls.'
41. i love finding inpirational or funny quotes.
42. i LOVE to read.
43. i'm a vegetarian.
44. it annoys me when people think they know what they're talking about but u
se waay lame excuses.
45. i like to win, but i don't take things over the top.
46. i stand by my opinion, and usually don't back down.
47. i'm very sensitive sometimes, but i hate showing it.
48. i hate crying in front of people.
49. i hate judging. i hate it when people judge me and when people judge other people.
50. i like to have fun (:

about moi;
My family, friends and God are on my top three most important list. I get confused easily, but I love solving problems. I have great friends and I try my hardest to be a great friend. I love my small town, but I cant wait to get out and see the world. I love reading, but I love writing even more. Sometimes I'm really self-conscious, but most of the time I'm perfectly happy with being me. I love music, art and sports, but I also like math, science and shopping. Im really into charities and the environment. I care a lot about the people I love, but I can be such a brat sometimes. I love attention, but I love giving people attention.I love animals so I don't eat them. I'm really outgoing and really shy. Sometimes I say really stupid things, but I love having really deep conversations with people. I want to touch somebody's life like so many people have touched mine. I have no plans for my future, but I know what I want to do. I want to do so many things I can never do, and can do so many things I have no interest in doing. I make mistakes and I'm proud of it. I don't always do everything I'm told, even though I have the reputation of it. I have a lot going on in my mind, and writing it all down helps me stay sane.