30 December, 2009


fashion books.
nail polish of every color of the rainbow.
a mac book (i need this DESPERATELY.)
cameras, cameras, and more cameras.

29 December, 2009

I desperately want to go ice skating.
I am in an ice-skating sort of mood.

27 December, 2009

I wish...

I wish I got film for my camera in my christmas stocking.
I have almost run out and am in a photographing mood that my digital camera won't be able to help with...

An e-mail from my mother

26 December, 2009

A little 'inspiration' from my father.

"My life motto is ‘Do my best, so that I can't blame myself for anything.'"

23 December, 2009

Never ending list of places to visit in my lifetime

South Africa
New guinea

*in no particular order
**always adding places

16 December, 2009


i hate chemistry.
i hate writing essays.
i hate how we have 5 more days of school left until break.
i hate how this post is so hateful.

09 December, 2009

04 December, 2009

so much stuff has happened.
i wish i could say it all, but its just too much.
i don't understand why i've been so moody; i'm not stressed at all.
i don't like how much i have been crying.
i don't mean to, but i can't help it.
i need a vacation,
but the funny thing is that i just got back from one.
i need to find time to write here more because it made me happy.
i don't know why i stopped.

15 November, 2009

Background Check

What inspires you to live happily? from fell in the nettles.
I don't think that i have any specific 'inspirations' that keep me happy, i think its just more my mindset. I wake up every morning and say 'this is going to be a good day.' But, of course, some things go bad sometimes, and when that happens, i take out a poetry book, or turn on my 'feel better' playlist and get lost in lyrics and words until i forget why that one bad thing that happened to 'ruin' my day and why i made it so big and actually let it ruin my day. I also love looking at pictures on weheartit, or deviantart at beautiful pictures of happy people, or i look in magazines and look at all the smiling faces, and rather than thinking 'i wish i could be that skinny...' i think about how much more beautiful people are when they have a smile on their face, than when they're stick thin but pouty.

What do you usually do on a lazy Sunday afternoon???? from agnes.
Hm, well, on sunday afternoons, either 'lazy' or not, i be lazy. Sundays are my family/relaxation days, so basically all i do is go to church in the morning, then come home and cozy up and read a book. And now that its warmer outside i can sit outside and read and work on my non-existant tan! but other than that, i get organized, maybe clean up my room a little, get ready for the week ahead, that sort of stuff. I lead such an exiting life... haha.

What song makes you smile most in the world? from Inside the Cabinet of Wonder
Love Shack by the B-52s. Every time I hear that song, I just imagine my father rocking out to it and it just makes me smile thinking of him singing extremely loud in an extremely high voice :D

What song, book, or film has had the most impact on your life? from Inside the Cabinet of Wonder
That is such a hard question... but I think I would have to say the movie A Walk to Remember. Why? Because one summer after my cousin and I watched it, we decided to make a list of things we want to accomplish before we die, and it has helped me to become more outgoing and able to try new things. I, also, recently read the book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, and it was a true inspiration to follow my dreams. Also, I read a small article written by her in Glamour magazine, and it is so wonderful, I have it taped on my full-length mirror hanging on my door so I see it every time I look at myself, and everytime I leave my room. Remind me to share it with you sometime- Jeannette Walls is truly fantastic. In addition, the song "You're Making it All Come Alive" by My Favorite Highway has provided me with optimistic and inspirational words that I have written in my room so I can see it everyday.

Thanks for your questions :D
feel free to ask anymore if you think of one (:

14 November, 2009


Volleyball is over.
school is getting more routine.
but more stressful and more pounded with work.
chemistry is kicking my ass.
but my mom actually understands, and isn't putting anymore pressure on me.
i miss volleyball.
but i'm glad now i'll have more time for myself.
Amanda, Courtney, and Hannah slept over last night.
it feels good to hang out with friends again <3>

25 October, 2009

I have had the most stressful week.
global reading
4 hour test
8 hour youth court training then 6 hours of working at a volleyball tournament (all in one day)

Now it's the weekend and I kindof slept in, but i just really need another day off.

p.s. I don't want to write my english essay.

14 October, 2009

Dear Swine Flu,

Dear Swine Flu,
I hate you. Why did you have to infect people in my school and cause other schools to be afraid of us? I was looking forward to my game today!
Honestly, you're not that big of a deal and I can tell you like all this attention but REALITY CHECK: you're not that much worse than the normal flu so H1N1, GET OVER YOURSELF.
Hugs and KISSES,

13 October, 2009

I'm in love

This video (I can't embed it)
pretty much sums up my life.
Dancing around in my room.
Singing really loud and being really crazy.
Singing about my awesome teenage life.
And how much I love it.
I youtubed this song because I heart it on
a commercial for TeenNick
and I loved it.
And I am in love with the video.
and this guy.
He is my hero.
Watch this video and be amazed.
Or I'll find you...

12 October, 2009


It's About To Get Real...

Oh, Degrassi...
I can always count on you to bring the right amount of drama to my life.
(p.s. i love you Peter<3)

11 October, 2009

Dear Madame,

I do not understand this class. I absolutely adore French, and I'm actually very good at it, but you don't teach us anything. This business with you giving us a test every Friday is nonsense since we don't do anything during the week to prepare. I think you're hilarious and goofy, but honestly, this class better get more organized as the year goes on because I really want to get into French Honor Society, and I can't when I'm not doing well in your class!


07 October, 2009

quick update.

1. I am in hate with APWH.
2. I believe I totally aced my chemistry test (:
3. math is hard.
4. My english teacher needs to stop popping up in random places when we're talking about her class...
5. Volleyball is going well (:
6. My teeth are still perfection (:
7. Right when I thought something was going to happen with Kyle, nothing did... hm...
8. Gym class is loads of fun.
9. Kelly needs to shut her mouth.
10. Haley needs to grow up and stop being such a hoe. sorry, but its true.

04 October, 2009

Reasons why I'm rethinking my hatred of sophomore year:

1. Spirit week was amazing.
2. It rained and was freezing during the homecoming football game and I still managed to have an amazing time.
3. Probably the best homecoming dance to date
4. Creating new friendships and reviving old ones
5. One word: Kyle.
6. Volleyball is awesome.
7. The best season of Degrassi is going to premier in FIVE DAYS.
8. My sweet sixteen is ONE MONTH from friday.
9. I'm playing the first clarinet part in band... and actually understanding most of it.
10. My wardrobe gives me immensely more confidence.

28 September, 2009


I just thought I'd share some of my art work from Studio in Art last year.
I didn't have room in my schedule for an art class this year, and looking at these makes me sad ):
but I'm planning on taking TWO next year to catch up for lost time (:

Draw and shade facial features

Draw your hands doing something
(My hand on the right; my friend's on the left)

Bring in/use recycled objects and make a collage about your past, present and future.
various objects; black and silver paint
[my teacher entered this piece into a local student art show, but it didn't make it in]

Draw a fancy letter with an interesting theme
(like the first letters in a story book)
crayola crayons; black ink

26 September, 2009

while looking through my drafts and the posts that I never finished or never published, I found my 'background check' where you asked me questions and I answered them all... just never published them.
So, I'm planning on posting them soon, but just letting you know that...
ask me any questions you would like, because I'll be happy to add more (:

In my next life i want to be Alexa Chung's closet.

24 September, 2009


I'm tired.
so very very tired.
incredibly fatigued.
I wish i had the inspiration to say something inspirational.
Hopefully this weekend I'll actually act on my promise and write down all the things that have been happening...

20 September, 2009

a deer!

something caught the corner of my eye...
i glanced out the window...
oh, it's just a cat..
i look again to see this beautiful baby deer nibbling on my mother's flowers.
i caught a few photos from the window before it dashed back home.

19 September, 2009


I havent turned my computer on all week.
I have been so, incredibly busy with school and volleyball.
I havent had time for anything but homework, showering, and sleeping! (oh, and eating of course)
So much has gone on that I didn't get to comment about (like the VMAs, ANTM, etc)
And even more to tell you about my new school year!
Maybe tomorrow I'll have more energy to type out all that I've been meaning to say for 6 long days...
So, expect some posting on the weekends possibly, but I'm not going to be a very good blogger in the next coming weeks...

12 September, 2009

annoying freaking sister. random dizziness. loads of homework. volleyball drama (already!?). stomach aches. messy room.

I'm sick of my posts being so depressing.
I'm sorry my posts have been so depressing.
I'll get better soon.
They'll get better soon.
I hope.

10 September, 2009

Finding a photo in my computer to explain my feelings right now is hard.
which makes me even more sad.

09 September, 2009

What love really looks like

"My wife and I shall be married for one whole year on Thursday (September 10th). Rather than buying each other gifts that mean more when they are bought for no reason at all, we decided to celebrate our first anniversary by sponsoring an unloved dog from a rescue group - something we shall do each and every anniversary. To celebrate what love really looks like."

what love really looks like part II


headache stomachache stress too many words
fatigue lost gold cards 2 hours of volleyball
school tomorrow eye strain
more words fever messy room

08 September, 2009


demolition derbies,
misspelled words,
light lights lights,
rides that go round and round,
the smell of grease,
discovering a frozen banana stand reminding me of Arrested Development,
funny graffiti in the bathroom,
bike giveaways,
walking around and shooting random people with bubbles,
seeing "Jimmies" rather than "Sprinkles" and laughing,
getting sick from the car ride there, the rides, and the car ride back,
going into my mother's room to say goodnight, and, not being able to see a thing, run into the door on my way out receiving a black and blue nose,
laying in bed and not being able to fall asleep, then not being able to get up in the morning because I was so sick.

As much fun that I had, I have decided that the fair is not for me.

05 September, 2009

Back to school shopping!

AKA, the best part of school.
some photos of my finds(:

*tank top Aeropostale
Necklace Target

top: H&M
jeans: H&M

sweater: forever 21
*tank: banana republic
*shorts: steve and barry's

*sweater: pacsun
jeans: H&M
scarf: H&M

dress (with belt): forever 21
*tights: ??
*purse: vintage

As you can tell, we don't have a very large selection of stores in my town... haha.
But I'm not complaining because it was sure hard to keep to my budget!
I found so many great things that i had to leave in the store.

*Things not gotten on the shopping trip.