25 October, 2009

I have had the most stressful week.
global reading
4 hour test
8 hour youth court training then 6 hours of working at a volleyball tournament (all in one day)

Now it's the weekend and I kindof slept in, but i just really need another day off.

p.s. I don't want to write my english essay.

14 October, 2009

Dear Swine Flu,

Dear Swine Flu,
I hate you. Why did you have to infect people in my school and cause other schools to be afraid of us? I was looking forward to my game today!
Honestly, you're not that big of a deal and I can tell you like all this attention but REALITY CHECK: you're not that much worse than the normal flu so H1N1, GET OVER YOURSELF.
Hugs and KISSES,

13 October, 2009

I'm in love

This video (I can't embed it)
pretty much sums up my life.
Dancing around in my room.
Singing really loud and being really crazy.
Singing about my awesome teenage life.
And how much I love it.
I youtubed this song because I heart it on
a commercial for TeenNick
and I loved it.
And I am in love with the video.
and this guy.
He is my hero.
Watch this video and be amazed.
Or I'll find you...

12 October, 2009


It's About To Get Real...

Oh, Degrassi...
I can always count on you to bring the right amount of drama to my life.
(p.s. i love you Peter<3)

11 October, 2009

Dear Madame,

I do not understand this class. I absolutely adore French, and I'm actually very good at it, but you don't teach us anything. This business with you giving us a test every Friday is nonsense since we don't do anything during the week to prepare. I think you're hilarious and goofy, but honestly, this class better get more organized as the year goes on because I really want to get into French Honor Society, and I can't when I'm not doing well in your class!


07 October, 2009

quick update.

1. I am in hate with APWH.
2. I believe I totally aced my chemistry test (:
3. math is hard.
4. My english teacher needs to stop popping up in random places when we're talking about her class...
5. Volleyball is going well (:
6. My teeth are still perfection (:
7. Right when I thought something was going to happen with Kyle, nothing did... hm...
8. Gym class is loads of fun.
9. Kelly needs to shut her mouth.
10. Haley needs to grow up and stop being such a hoe. sorry, but its true.

04 October, 2009

Reasons why I'm rethinking my hatred of sophomore year:

1. Spirit week was amazing.
2. It rained and was freezing during the homecoming football game and I still managed to have an amazing time.
3. Probably the best homecoming dance to date
4. Creating new friendships and reviving old ones
5. One word: Kyle.
6. Volleyball is awesome.
7. The best season of Degrassi is going to premier in FIVE DAYS.
8. My sweet sixteen is ONE MONTH from friday.
9. I'm playing the first clarinet part in band... and actually understanding most of it.
10. My wardrobe gives me immensely more confidence.