21 February, 2009

Story of a Girl

50 things you should know about me;

1. My name is Hayley.
2. I hate mean people.
3. comments make me feel special (:
4. i use smilies a lot (:
5. talking on the telephone scares me. the only people i can talk to are my mom, my dad, and one of my friends. anyone else, i get really nervous and s
ay the stupidest things.
6. i'm in full support of the environment.
7. i'm fifteen years young (:
8. if i don't use a period to end my sentence, then i use a smiley face (:
9. i love to take and edit pictures.
10. i hate school. atleast, just the learning part of it.
11. i don't hate most things.
12. i try very hard to be optimistic.
13. most people say i'm really chill because, well, i am.
14. my friends and family are my life.
15. i'm catholic. and i can honestly say that because i go to church every sunday and faith formation every tuesday, and i believe strongly in what i'm taught.
16. i love to eat. i really wish i didn't, though.

17. i'm usually really confident, but sometimes i'm really not.
18. i'm pretty honest about stuff. if you're pissing me off, i'll tell you.
19. i love mitchell davis and i'm going to marry him and alex gaskarth.
20. i would die without my ipod.
21. i love fashion.
22. i love magazines.
23. i love collages.
24. i have no idea what college i want to go to or what i want to major
25. i need to get a job really bad.

26. i've been living without a television since october. at first i hated it, but i've been playing a lot more card and board games, and i'm so used to it now.
27. our new tv is coming sometime this week.
28. i love everything about england and i want to move there when i'm older.
29. biology interests me and confuses me at the same time.

30. the british tv show skins has changed my life.
31. i have two laptops. usually i'm on the good one which means i can go on the fast internet and AIM and stuff, but sometimes i'm on the one i screwed up so it has really slow internet but i have word on that one. so depending on what laptop i'm using, depends on how i can communicate.
32. i'm a facebook addict.
33. i want a mac laptop REALLY bad.

34. i love to bake. cookies, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, breads...
35. my favorite accessories are sunglasses, scarves, and headbands (in that order)
36. i love to type, but i hate how you can never fully tell what the person is meaning.
37. i often use 'jfklsdjfioeaji' when i can't describe my feelings.

38. i use bad language sometimes...often...but i'm trying to stop.
39. i say the words 'hoe,' 'stalker,' and 'creeper' a LOT.
40. i often quote the movie 'mean girls.'
41. i love finding inpirational or funny quotes.
42. i LOVE to read.
43. i'm a vegetarian.
44. it annoys me when people think they know what they're talking about but u
se waay lame excuses.
45. i like to win, but i don't take things over the top.
46. i stand by my opinion, and usually don't back down.
47. i'm very sensitive sometimes, but i hate showing it.
48. i hate crying in front of people.
49. i hate judging. i hate it when people judge me and when people judge other people.
50. i like to have fun (:

about moi;
My family, friends and God are on my top three most important list. I get confused easily, but I love solving problems. I have great friends and I try my hardest to be a great friend. I love my small town, but I cant wait to get out and see the world. I love reading, but I love writing even more. Sometimes I'm really self-conscious, but most of the time I'm perfectly happy with being me. I love music, art and sports, but I also like math, science and shopping. Im really into charities and the environment. I care a lot about the people I love, but I can be such a brat sometimes. I love attention, but I love giving people attention.I love animals so I don't eat them. I'm really outgoing and really shy. Sometimes I say really stupid things, but I love having really deep conversations with people. I want to touch somebody's life like so many people have touched mine. I have no plans for my future, but I know what I want to do. I want to do so many things I can never do, and can do so many things I have no interest in doing. I make mistakes and I'm proud of it. I don't always do everything I'm told, even though I have the reputation of it. I have a lot going on in my mind, and writing it all down helps me stay sane.