31 July, 2009


Yesterday was the most fantastic day I've had in so, so long. It was definitely one of the best days of summer (:
my mother had to tutor in the morning, then she had a doctor's appointment so my sister and I went over to my grandparents house to swim and such. When we've been going over there, usually I just hang out and read and then jump in if I get really warm, but Megan and I ended up swimming for four hours straight! It was loads of fun(: first, we [attempted] to take fun pictures of us jumping off the dock.

After we failed with that, we went all old school and played games that we hadn't played in years! First, we did some 'water gymnastics' and made up fun routines of flips and twirls and handstands and backflips etc, etc. I haven't done that in SO long! Then, we got this giant tube out and just swam, and paddled on the tube, and counted how many seconds we could stand and stay balanced on it. It was just loads of fun (:
besideds the sunburn i recieved (ow!) yesterday was a fantastic day. words just cannot begin to explain.

After we got home from my grandparents house and my father came home from work, we went to meet his cousins that are visiting up here from across the country. we went over there a few days ago for dinner a few days ago and it was fun, although a bit awkward because we had, really, just met everyone for the first time. I played with the little girls though, and they are so adorable (:
so yesterday, we went over again for dinner and had a blast. when we first got there, I entertained the younger girls again. Then, we had dinner which was hilarious! The youngest girl was talking about how she had a baby in her hip named Charlotte (we have NO idea where she got that name from!) and a baby boy in her other hip named Braces Umbrella. Very interesting... she was just adorable! After dinner, the older kids put on our bathing suits and went down to the lake. I guess earlier that day, John, Joe, and Katie found an orange... and named it Kyle. They also tied rubber bands and a string around it and attached it to a rock at the bottom of the lake... hahaa. After jumping off the roof into the water a few times, we went and rescued Kyle. We took him back up to the deck over the boat house and jumped off with him. It was hilarious! We also tried taking pictures jumping off the roof, but that didn't work out too well since there were five of us and jumping backwards (so that we were facing the camera) was a bit scary! Anywho, we threw Kyle, then we jumped in to save him and so on. It was a blast! But finally, when my parents called us to go home, we threw our little friends out into the lake to have a nice little vacation... hahhaa.
We got out and as our parents talked on the driveway, we made up stories about Kyle, and I honestly had a blast! They are so funny! So now, we have code names and everything. It's hilarious. I'm so glad we went!

28 July, 2009


I am so lucky to have what I have. I have an incredibly supportive family, not just from the people living in my house, but from cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and distant second cousins, and fifth cousins three times removed (however that works...) that i just met but a week ago.
I'm surrounded by my mother's dysfunctional, hilarious family full of step cousins, half aunts, and crazy emotions, and my father's all catholic, tight knit, oddball relatives from all over the country.

Today, my mother, sister, dog, and I drive about 5 minutes west to my grandparent's house. We spent a lovely day swimming, boat riding, talking, and reading. My grandparents live on a beautiful, tiny lake. Their house is on the spot my great grandfather's camp was (although it was already renovated by the time I was born), where my mother and her sibling spent hours on the lake, doing the same thing we did today. I find it so wonderful to have something like that still in the family, making new memories while sharing old ones.
A similar thing with my father's side, also. A teeny, tiny town only about 2 1/2 hours from our home, sits my father's family camp right on one of the most beautiful lakes i have seen. (Though I've only seen a few.) The small house that my grandfather grew up in with his siblings, has turned into a renovated, extended (and even a new building a few feet away) family camp where each of my father's three other brothers and sisters (and their families) take two weeks to vacation. Again, old memories are shared while new memories are created on the sandbar, the tasty freeze, and in the middle of the upper lake surrounded by mountains. Always joking about how there is no civilization for miles (it's very true) I actually bask in the relaxation of no annoying neighbors, and phones not constantly going off (though i do miss television and internet!) But sitting at the massive dinner table, with sometimes over 15 guests, sharing old stories of my father's childhood. (My favorite stories are the ones about my grandparent's meeting (over 50 years ago on that same lake), how my grandfather bought my grandmother's engagement ring (in europe while he was in the army) and stories about my father's childhood pet (when he jumped out the car window while they drove down the highway! they got him of course, but they had to run down the shoulder chasing after him!))
In entertainment world, the stereotypical teenager hates their parents, and is embarrassed by them constantly, never wanted to be seen in public shopping with their grandma or having dinner with their dad, but i embrace every chance i get. My friends think I have the coolest parents ever (which I, actually, completely agree with... most of the time) and even when they do do embarrassing things (my father...) I just laugh along with them. How can you be embarrassed by your own family? I could go on and on about how much I love my mom, who is my best friend, my father, who is the oldest teenager I know, my cousins, who, without them, I would not be the happy person I am, and my sister, from whom I have learned how to control my anger (sometimes being only 19 months apart is TOO close in age..). Also how much I don't take them for granted at all. Again, the 'stereotypical teenager' will go on a spree when they receive money from their parents. Me? They gave me life, pay for my housing, food, (most) clothing, and put up with me day and night, so why should they be the ones who buy me everything my little heart desires? well they don't. and even when i got enough money to buy my first 'real expensive' something, a digital camera, my father helped me pick out the best brand, and when we finally bought it online with his credit card, when I went to pay him back, he wouldn't take my money. The money I worked hard to get. Not that I was complaining that he should take my money, but I'm just saying that he didn't need to do that. It was something I wanted, not needed, and i worked hard for. My father's just like that sometimes. But when I bring up the words CELL PHONE? absolutely not. which, I've learned, I've become alright with. Now, I pay for my own phone, I don't have to worry about using all my dad's minutes, and spending his money, and I feel more independent being able to pay my own bill. (So, even though I said I wasn't going to go on and on and on, I did anyway...)
Anyway, I just wanted to say, thank you Mom, Dad, Megan, and the rest of my family for giving me love and support for everything I do, for comforting me when other people get me down, for always being there for me when I need advice, and for encouraging me to be the best person I can be. At least, for now.
I love you.

26 July, 2009

Dear Guns, Germs, and Steel,

Dear Guns, Germs, and Steel,

I am interested in reading you, but I have to admit, you are stressing me out a bit. Your words are so small and your pages are so long, and you are full of so many intricate details, I sometimes can't keep up! And with the questions from my teacher piling up, reading you has become even more stressful! I would love to sit down and just enjoy you, but highlighting and looking up vocabulary has just overdone it. I feel like I can't handle it which makes me wonder if I'll be able to handle the class during the school year with all of my other work. Now that I think about it, though, maybe you're just preparing me for next year. Thank you for that, I guess. But still, I really don't want to be stressed during summer, and I really don't want to do work during summer, and I really don't want to even think about school during the summer.
So GGAS, maybe one day I'll find you, and reread you and think of what and idiot I was for complaining about all of your intelligence, but right at this moment, I would love to just shove you in the back of my closet, or maybe bury you in my backyard and never see you again.

Love (kind of),

23 July, 2009

Just Listen

I have decided to make a new blog (:
just to find a home for all the lovely photos i've found, and all of the quotes i've collected.
i'll make my first real post soon.
So, don't think or judge. Just listen.

22 July, 2009


i was reading this blog for my daily love photos and quotes when i read the story written by the blogger herself. (her blog is mostly just for lovely pictures.) This definitely caught my eye.
read it.

"One time, i started bleeding nose blood out of nowhere. And i have a napkin in my pocket so I start to wipe the blood away, and right away he yells "No what are u doing!?" And then he puts the whole napkin in my nose. I felt so stupid sitting there on the bench next to him with a whole napkin stuck up in my nose. About a minute later something falls down from the tree above us. And you know that second when something has just happened but none of you can figure out what? We had a moment like that. Until we realized that a bird just pooped on my forehead/jacket. We both started laughing our buts of. "STOP LAUGHING!" I said. He stopped laughing saying "I'm sorry! But... You would have laughed just the same way if a bird pooped on my face..." And he was so right. So there we were. Me with a napkin in my nose and bird poop on my forehead, and him wiping the poo of. Now he will always remember me as "That girl who started bleeding nose blood at the same time a bird pooped on her". We have stuck with each other for 9 months now. I know that I don't show it that well, but Holy fuck - I LOVE this man."

this is DEFINITELY the perfect man. i can tell just by this story (:


Today, I mailed my 10 inches of hair I got cut off to Locks of Love. Not only did I donate hair to children who actually need it, but I also got a chic cool haircut!

My mother found this website. She donated a whole box of books yesterday, and today I donated some of my books. (I was going to send all my old kid chapter books, but some of them were too old for them to take). We both donated our money to Invisible Children (I have a bracelet from them), but you can choose from multiple charities you would like your donations to go to. It's really a good donation, especially since my mother and I are book-pack-rats and we have shelves and shelves and shelves and piles and piles and piles of them (which is why we renovated our lovely dining room, that we didn't use as a dining room anyway, to a lovely library!).
anywho. i just wanted to share those with you, because they're both very good causes (:

21 July, 2009

baby zucchini

Align Centeryesterday, we met this beastly baby sized zucchini. this baby was grown in our neighbors' garden, only to be gifted to us.
my mother and I dug into it today. my mother making a large zucchini, tomato, and garlic dish while i made two loafs of zucchini bread. thinking that should have put a huge dent in the baby? you thought wrong. we used LESS THAN HALF OF IT. we'll be having zucchini for a while...

18 July, 2009

Lisa's Party

It's Melissa's B-day tomorrow! she's having a little cookout at her house tonight and then we're camping out in her backyard(:
here's what i'm wearing;

tank: aero, i think?
sweater: madre's
belt: something i found while cleaning out my closet...
shorts: madre's old and shrunken. no idea where they came from...

and this is what i got (made) her;

Have a wonderful weekend!
(and don't forget to give me advice or feedback on the blog, and vote in the poll (: )

17 July, 2009

Yo yo yo

Hello! I'm Back! (i've actually been back for a while, i've just been reading/commenting the hundreds of posts i missed instead of updating my own...)
anywho, i've been doing lots of thing lately, busying my time.

i've been reading for AP global lots.
and making bracelets.
and while organizing my room i found shrinky dinks! hahahha. i'll post pics of my shrunk dinks soon (:

also, i've been in a very creative mood lately.
pictures of that soon to come (:

oh! and i'm making some changes and such to my blog, so be helpful and vote (or whatever) on the poll, or email/comment me some feedback (:

11 July, 2009

Adios... Again

I'm off to my camp up north for a few days. sadly, that means no

Align Center(television)


(cell phone service)

BUUUUT. it does mean that i can relax. and see my aunts, uncles, and cousins. tan. read lots of books. AND TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES !
so, goodbye for now (:

p.s. i havent heard from Ralph Lauren... they're supposed to call late this week, early next week... I HOPE I'LL GET A GOOD CALL !!!

Ralph Lauren Interview Dress

Sorry it's kindof hard to see, and you can't really see the whole thing... i need to find somewhere better to take my pictures !

dress- bonton? i think. (like $10)
purse- Nine West (birthday gift)
shoes- [that you can't see... haha.] black, velvet-ish flats: Nine West (my sister's)
belt- mother's closet.

10 July, 2009


Once upon a time, Hayley was sitting upstairs, blogging away when she looked out the window to make sure her puppy hadn't run away. As she looked out the window, she saw something dark run across her lawn. Confused at first, she did a double-take on the strange creature before identifying it.

"MEGAN!" she called, loudly.

Megan, Hayley's younger sister, ran upstairs to see what the commotion was. "A CAT!" Hayley exclaimed.
"RUFUS!" Megan exclaimed back, earning a confused glance from Hayley.

"RUFUS!" Megan said again before explaining. "I saw that cat a few days ago, and he keeps coming back. I named him Rufus!"
Hayley looked at Megan and they both rushed downstairs. After bringing Reilly inside, (because he was being a huge ruckus, seeing the cat) Megan went over and petted the kitten gently.

"Father said that we can keep him, but Mother said that he and Reilly won't get along." Megan explained. "Rufus doesn't have a collar, and I asked neighbors and nobody knows who he is. I want to keep him!" If only Mother and Father were home at the moment, so the two could plead with them, but they were off at a dinner.
"Oh, I want to keep him, too!" Hayley exclaimed excitedly, but with a hint of disappointment in her voice, knowing that the dream will never be true.

As the sisters talked, Rufus decided it was time to go back into the woods. Deeply saddened, the two girls said their goodbyes and prayed that Rufus would come back and he would soon be a part of their family.

"Goodbye, Rufus!"

"We'll miss you...!"

09 July, 2009


/i've been totally owning at middle hitting (:/



Hello! I have arrived home.
Volleyball camp was incredibly amazing. everything was utterly perfect. even the workouts weren't terribly difficult! and i have improved so much, i actually feel like i know what i'm doing.
i'm so happy to be home, though.
oh! i almost forgot! there was also a boys lacrosse and boys hockey camp at the university the same week as our vb camp. it was a perfect touch (:

04 July, 2009

au revoir!

first of all, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! i'm off to the annual party at my grandparents house with my whole extended family. i hope you guys have an awesome day as well!
second, i'm saying goodbye... ):
but on for four days (: i'm off to volleyball camp. leaving tomorrow SIX AM SHARP. and i'm not getting back until wednesday ): i'll have my phone and such, so email me with news! haha. anywho. i'll miss you, but i'll be sure to post RIGHT when i get back! ...or maybe the day after depending on my phsysical strength...

<3 (:

03 July, 2009


actually, probably not but i said i would show this you this dress like... two months ago. hah.

what: gold dress with flowery patternish
where: at an antique store for like $20.
for what: my aunts wedding (:

01 July, 2009

what a wonderful wednesday!

Hello Loves !

First, I’d like to apologize that my wonderful Wednesday post is, well, in fact being posted Wednesday night. But I have truly had a wonderful (and busy!) Wednesday!

ALSO; I had some interesting links to share with you, but I’m sorry to say that they’re on my other computer…bummer! But I’ll be sure to share them with you soon (:


My summer goals that I have started THIS WEEK!:

1. run at least 3 times a week

2. do abs at least 3 times a week

3. organize my room

4. GET A JOB (check?)

5. make the volleyball team

6. read at least 200 pages of AP global book a week (fml…)

7. do at least 5 hrs of community service (3 hours done!)

8. from wake up- 7pm, only 2 hrs on the computer (I’m having difficulties with this one…)

9. TV is OFF from 12-5 (I might actually switch it to 10-5 since I’ve been getting up so early…)

10. take time to enjoy at least 10 books (3 done)

11. make seasonal inspiration posters (i'll show in my uber photo post.) (summer poster- check!)

12. sketch at least 2 times a week (I have to do that!)

13. converse with a friend at least once a week (so that I stay in the loop… I tend to get antisocial during the summer)

14. work on my story at least twice

15. sleep outside at least once

16. go on a hike (or two!)

17. learn how to mow the lawn (I talked to my father about this today and he said its too dangerous… hahah)

18. make a summer music playlist (I really need to do this!)


Well, well, well.

My interview was at 10am so I got there around 9:50. But the store was locked… so I waited… and waited… and waited… and I was there for an interview so I didn’t want to be late and make a bad first impression! So I was worrying a bit about that, but then, the door finally opened. A girl, a boy, and I all walked in and I told a man working my name and that I had an interview. A woman came out and told us to wait just a few minutes while she finished something. So we waited. And I was getting a bit more nervous because another girl had arrived. I was expecting just a one-on-one interview. Oh goodness! Thank goodness, after about five or ten minutes, we were finally called to the back room! So we were asked a few questions and we had to fill out an ‘opinion sheet’ and I think I did pretty well.

Pros: I made good eye contact, which the boy and one non-name girl lacked, and I had a good reason why I wanted to work there which no-name girl and boy also lacked.

Cons: there was this girl named Lauren and she had a lot of work history, which I didn’t, but I was younger than her, and she had really good answers and she and the other two all know people who work at Ralph Lauren and I don’t so I don’t know if that is a problem or not… but I think it’s definitely between Lauren and I.

Although, they said that they’re hiring 4-5 people, so I think I have a pretty good chance. I don’t know how many other people they’re interviewing though.

Oh, and a serious quality that I possessed and the others lacked- I definitely looked the most presentable! Lauren wore an (American eagle?) shirt and jeans, no-name girl wore khakis and a shirt, and boy wore cargo shorts and a t-shirt. What I wore;

[oh goodness. This laptop is super slow and sad so I’m not able to show you my outfit! But I PROMISE for a super awesome much-needed fashion post in the near future !]

Before I leave, I have to say one thing.

GO SEE THE PROPOSAL. Sandra Bullock is amazing and Ryan Reynolds is super delicious. It’s a beautifully done romantic comedy. And there’s a really cute puppy, too (: OH MY GOSH. And gammy. I am in love with her. Hahahha.

Well, have a super delicious rest of the Wednesday. And have a WONDERFUL Thursday ! (: