30 August, 2009

Sunday morning mass

I woke up this morning at 7:15, like usual, immediately wishing that my body would let me sleep in just once. I went downstairs and watched a bit of Bring It On, and ate a mini bagel my mother made yesterday. Then, i went back upstairs to my room and decided to catch up on GG&S.
Yes! I finally finished part II. I was taking notes on index cards for the questions proposed when my mom knocked on my door.
"Do you want to go to church with me?"
I really didn't feel like getting up, getting in the shower, or even getting dressed, but it was church, i really should go. I'm glad i went. I didn't really understand the readings today, or the homely, but after church was a time that i always enjoy.
My mother is a teacher so she knows mostly everyone. One day, she introduced me to "the informal mayor of [town where she teaches.]" Almost two years ago now, she introduced me to the nicest, sweetest, funniest, and most loving couple I have ever seen. (With the exception to my grandparents on my father's side who just celebrated their FIFTY-SECOND anniversary!) Rosemary is a sweet, stylish old woman that you would NEVER guess went horseback riding on the beach for her 80th birthday. And Frank, whose six months younger than her, is still all-that. He is always dressed to the nines, especially today, with his "50 year old jacket that is loose on [him] now because [he] used to be fat!" He has a great sense of humor, and the energy of a 30 year old. I always enjoy chatting with them after church because they always have the best stories to tell. They looked gorgeous today and i wish i had my camera with me, but sadly, i didn't even think to bring my camera to CHURCH! (Although even during mass, i wish i did because the flower display was colorful and amazingly beautiful!)
To give you the smallest idea of how amazing and stylish Frank and Rosemary are, i found this picture of a different couple, but the energy the couple in the photo is giving off is the same as Frank and Rosemary's lovely personalities.

29 August, 2009

the kooks!

I was slugging out on the couch, watching something completely unrememberable when I heard my favorite song start playing on a commercial... WHAT!? i heard myself yell at the television. REALLY!? i opened my eyes wide, and my ears wider for the next 30 seconds as my favorite song played before me. Surprising? most likely. Who knew my favorite INDIE band from ENGLAND would be playing on an american beer commercial. But now, whenever a show fades away, and a pointless commercial appears on the screen, i hope that i can be lucky enough to hear Luke Pritchard's lovely voice surprising me from inside the telly.

28 August, 2009

volleyball love.

and it was a lot of fun.
although i am now incredibly sore, tired, and always hungry, i have to say it was a blast.
i really like almost everyone on my team, and i can tell this season is going to be amazing :D
i, myself, have improved so much, and i can feel it. I'm so much more confident on the court and even with my teammates.
although the conditioning has been killer and i've been basically limping around everywhere and avoiding stairs and cars as much as possible (its very hard, but they're very painful!) i have been having the time of my life. i almost forgot how much i missed slapping a volleyball to the ground (:

our first scrimmage is on wednesday and we get our jerseys before then. SOOOO EXCITED :D

but volleyball means school and i am SOOOO not ready for that!
(i still have to finish my summer reading books for ap global and english... oh dear...)

26 August, 2009

Happy Home

Two weeks in the middle of nowhere with only my family, some new friends, and books to get me through the lack of connection with "the outside world" (it's really not that bad living without internet/phone/tv. i can go 2 weeks or maybe a month at most, but no longer..)

my two tie dye shirts. my cousin, sister and i had to use Rit from the nearby hardware store to tie dye, and it was a disaster! all of our first shirts came out well, but then the dyes got all messed up and the rest of our shirts ended up looking like barf. not to mention that SOMEHOW the dye got EVERYWHERE. on the floors, on the table, in clothes that WE DIDN'T EVEN WEAR TO TIE DYE IN! we mixed the powder inside, so we thought maybe it was airborne or something because there was red everywhere. we got it out of the floors and the table and sink and counters, but not most of our clothes. it was an incredible disaster... hahha.

random photography. we have millions of golfballs lying around because when my uncle goes running at his home, he finds buckets and buckets of them and just picks them up and brings them to camp since the "guys" (my uncles and grandfather) go golfing almost every morning. up here. hahah.

the road that my camp is on. it's farther in the woods and you can't see it from the road.

i thought my shadow looked cool... hahha.

my parents and dog chilling in the front yard and looking at the lake.

the best sunsets! we were driving home on our boat from a bonfire at the beach and i just had to capture this fantastic moment. it was pitch black out except for the beautiful colored sky.

across the lake.

the sky, again. the clouds are wonderful up there.

roasting marshmallows! it looks like daytime, but its actually 730 at night.. hha.

my mother, sister, grandfather, great aunt and I went on a hike with the outing group. the view from the top of the mountain was amazing!

me modeling. hahha.

the view from the top of the mountain, again.

the mile-ish long path that led through the marshy area of the trail.

bike riding!

i also went on a ton of wave runner rides,
got a horrible tan,
evened out my tan a bit,
got sunburned,
met some people i wish to never see again,
saw people i wish i could see more of,
got a million bugbites,
got a spider bite?,
met someone that i wish i could have taken home with me,
went to walmart more that i would have liked,
and ate icecream almost everyday.

i wish i was still there...

25 August, 2009


i'm home. FINALLY :D
i've been so busy, too.
i was at camp, as you know, for two whole weeks, then the day after we got back, i had my aunt's wedding and then the next day, volleyball started! so. today is tuesday, obvs, and i need to tell you about everything so once i get my crap together, and ice my incredibly sore left calf and right quad, be ready for posts to come (:

p.s. i also went shopping yesterday and worked on my fashion book all two weeks long.
ah! i just have SO much to say...!

06 August, 2009


Tomorrow, I'm off to camp again, but this time for TWO LONG WEEKS. without any communicational devices at ALL. but, i might go to the library a time or two for my AP global class, so i'll try to update/comment then.

05 August, 2009

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

my braces come off tomorrow.
you have no idea how excited i am!
i will say goodbye to them after almost FOUR LONG YEARS.
i'll deff post before &+ after pictures tomorrow :D

pandora.com is my new addiction. you just put in a song or artist that you like, and it plays songs for you from songs and artists similar. its a fantastic way to find new music, and it like the radio... but without commercials. oh, well, there is one commercial about every 25 songs. and its like 3 seconds long, haha. you should deff try it out though, its great (:

03 August, 2009

some fashion inspiration.

My sister informed me recently that she wants to dress better and more fashionably. (though 'fashionably' in her mind is different than the high fashion and runway i immediately think of when i hear the word 'fashion') in anyway, i lent her a bunch of my old 17 magazines to look through and pick out outfits that she likes. she did, and i cut them out and am making a little composition notebook full of "Megan's Fashion Inspirations." It's quite lovely, I have to say. Here are a few photos of hers, though I have added many since the photos were taken. They'll be updated, and once I photograph my book, I'll add show you those, too (:

[p.s. happy 50th post to mee (:]

02 August, 2009

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,
Kenzy, I saw what you were writing to Becca on facebook. about how you should go shopping together because you havent seen eachother in a while...
i havent seen any of you basically all summer. i'll admit that i've been busy, but, well, i've kept in touch through fb and texting and stuff...
but i just want to be invited to stuff. nobody ever invites me to anything. i know i sound so immature, but i just feel so left out. like all the time. because anytime i see you guys its either in school, or because I planned something. sometimes i just want to be the one that's invited to go shopping, or to the movies.
i'm excited for the party that i'm throwing tuesday night, so i can see you guys, but again, it's something that i've planned. sometimes i wonder why i put in all the effort of being friends with people who obviously never want to hang out with me.
sometimes i just wonder what i do wrong to make you never want to hang out with me.
thanks for always being there for me, guys..

01 August, 2009





10 inches to locks of love (: