22 February, 2009

snow snow snow

I don't want to get up... i woke up and laid in bed for a few minutes before popping up and going downstairs.
"Oh, my gosh! look at all that snow!"

i ate some cereal, played some cards, then went back upstairs to work on my global project. An Arid Night: A Guide to Crossing the Sahara Desert. Sound like fun?
various points in the day i looked out my window longingly. When will i be able to go outside and feel the frigid snowflakes land on my cheeks instead of pile on the ground and make even higher snowbanks? finally, the project was done and i went outside with megg and reilly. Reilly is such a silly boy, the silliest puppy i know. good thing his fur is black and contrasted the icy white snow or else we would have lost him in the high banks!

Hayley, please make us some desert. My favorite! i mixed us some fresh strawberries, yogurt and cool whip to put into a pie. Oh, sorry, darling, we don't have a pie crust and we don't have the ingrediants to make one. I poured the desert into some bowls and placed them in the freezer to chill.

silence... i turn from the computer screen and look out the window. the snow is, still, following silently to the ground. but now, less violently. peacefully, the snowflakes land on the evergreen leaves and the railing of our deck. some random chuncks are too heavy for the tree branches now, and they fall, landing silently in a pore in the smoothe surface of the blanket of whiteness that covers the ground. Hopefully tomorrow the snow will keep coming and i won't have to go to school.

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Megan said...

oooooh lots of snow! I like your music choices (: