29 June, 2009

Mondays Make Me Happy !

what makes me smile... :D

  • family fued, match game, password, etc (:
  • that 70's show
  • knitting/making string bracelets
  • organizing
  • grocery shopping
  • being the last one awake at night and the first one up in the morning
  • finding pictures from far away memories
  • the 'MOB'
  • the feeling after i've accomplished something great
  • making collages
  • cutting out pictures from old magazines
  • chocolate!
  • being in target

keep smiling !(:

i don't know if i told you guys, but when i started my job search a while ago, the first place i applied at was Ralph Lauren. I thought i did horrible (it was the first time i ever applied for a job) BUT i got a call today and we set up and interview! I'M SO EXCITED ! i already picked out my outfit and everything! i'm kindof nervous, but even more EXCITED ! :D

24 June, 2009

What a Wonderful Wednesday

I'd like to start off my saying thank you. to mother earth. for giving us a nice sunny day. even though its unbearably hot and humid, its better than the rain that started off the summer and the harsh winter that seemed to last a lifetime.

oh boy.. ohkay.
well, i've become addicted to Bravo reality shows. DON'T TELL. but The Real Housewives, Project Runway, The Fashion Show... you name it, i'm probably watching it. So when i saw commercials for this show i was quite excited, thinking to myself, "Yes! its like the Real Houswives, but with people my age!" oh, the exciting life i live... anywho, NYC Prep premiered last night. I was so excited to watch it after i finished this and this, i was pumped. hot guys, NYC, fashion, a dream come true! (the life i wish i was living...) anywho, after i tuned in, this is what i thought. the play by play;
kelli- i envy you for always getting the guy's numbers and living in NYC... alone.
sebastian- all you talk about is hooking up with girls. seriously. its obnoxious..
camille- i think its good that you worry so much about your grades. i assumed that everyone in the show would just party. all. the. time.
PC- honestly, i think you're just stuck up and rude. and obnoxious. ugh.
Jessie- I think your 'relationship' with PC is very unhealthy... i can totally tell that you're jealous when he flirts with other girls but then you try to hook him up with people... i just don't get it.
taylor- i think you're definitely the most relatable to the 'average teen.' you're mom cares about what you do and you just want to fit in with the 'in' crowd. but i think sometimes, you're just trying too hard... i do like you better with sebastian than kelli, though (:
ohkay. i'm done with that. hah.

still speaking of television, i've been watching the Game Show Network more. i just love the classy-ness of old television

Happy summer !

22 June, 2009

Mondays Make Me Happy

What makes me smile;

getting nice comments on facebook/blogger
Jack McMahon's voice
Barnes and Noble
Making other people smile

17 June, 2009

What a Wonderful Wednesday

Actually, it wasn't such a wonderful wednesday for me, as I woke up this morning, immediately went to school for biology review and then came home and cleaned. haha.


i just wrote a sentence on biology and my test tomorrow, but decided that i didn't want to talk about school. i don't want to talk about school. school = FML. but after learning that i got a ninety on my practice test = GMH. so i'm not too worried.

i enjoy the summer so much. the other day i spent at the lake with my extended family. i can't wait to spend numerous weekends there this summer, relaxing, catching up on my reading, and (hopefully!) darkening my ridiculously pale irish skin !

its so beautiful and peaceful here (:

in not-so-relaxing news, i'm dying to see this concert although, i don't know if i'll have a job and i have volleyball tryouts the next morning bright and early.

i'm kindof stressing on having to read this for AP global. with weekly questions. and an essay. and this and this for english. (actually not so much the last two. i'm looking forward to those) what happened to NO SCHOOL over the summer...? blah. i'll stop complaining now (:

HIS VOICE IS LOVE (don't look, just listen. haha.)

seriously, this post secret like completes my life right now. well, not really completes it, but totally describes it. Adam is graduating and its so sad. the two years that i attended the same school as him, catching glimpses of him anytime i could, noticing his little quirks, and memorizing his schedule and where and when our paths met. i can't believe it's over. and i will probably never see him again. i will know truly if we're meant to be if we ever meet again. it's so hard to explain my feelings for him. although i've only had but three conversations with the guy, i know we're so meant to be. and its so cliche, because he doesn't even know who i am. i am so pathetic. hhaa.

they are awkward, strange, wierd, and FREAKING HILARIOUS. seriously. my addiction. horrible day? some that 70's show, and mr. mitchell davis is all i need (: PLUS. i love his wall. how much i wish i had a polaroid...

ohkay, well as much more i'd like to share with you about my brain, i should really be studying for good ol bio right now. i need to freshen up the right side of my brain because the left side has been working hard for the past... well, really long time.

expect some literature next post, because i keep finishing books (which i deeply deteste doing!) and i have a lot to say (:

until then,
stay lovely. <3

OH! and i have some cute fashion to show off, also (:
AH. i keep thinking of stuff i need to add. hah.

16 June, 2009

What a lovely voice..

i wish i could embed this videos, but i can't figure out how to.
anywho, this is what i woke up to this morning
will dailey

15 June, 2009

just a few more days.

my last test is on thursday.
hopefully i will be happy again after that.
i am just so sick of annoying people.
i'm also sorry i havent been updating or anything.
i will be back soon, though (:
i also added my e-mail and AOL s/n to my profile if you would like to contact me other than through here, cause i obviously havent been on in forevs. hah.
i will be relaxed, and my posts will become more frequent and less depressing (:

04 June, 2009

Beaucoup Bonjour !

Hello! I am in a very good mood right now (: i applied at this clothing store that i like about a week ago, and the lady there was very nice! so, i went back in today and asked about it, and she recognized me! which is such a good sign. also, she said that she's setting up interviews next week so hopefully i get a call...!

anywho, yesterday we made our speeches for class officers. i ran for secretary. and i lost. but whatever. and i've been studying like CRAZY for finals... UGH. today i'm treating myself to a break from running, studying, and giving myself some quality time with my computer ! haha.
anywho, tomorrow is stephanie's birthday ! i'm so excited. i loveee birthdays :D saturday, melissa, becca, and kenzy are going to a concert (and melissa keeps basically rubbing it in my face that she's going and i'm not because i REALLY wanted to go but i wasn't 'allowed' to go with them because they're going with girlscouts.. haha whateverr.) so i'm taking stephanie to the mall and then we're getting some chinese food (there's nothing like mall food quart chinese food) and then getting some free ice cream at friendly's. some good hayley-stephanie quality time might bring us closer from the farawayness we've gotten.
kenzy and spencer are still so cute. AH. yesterday was their two month (:
becca and wily have something going on... i read a note he wrote to her in english and it was SO FREAKING CUTE. ahh, i want a boy SO bad. i think i like this kid from the tennis team, because whenever we're together, its so cute (: like one day we sat together on the late bus.. ahh! but we have NO classes together, and now that tennis is over... ): but he lives in my neighborhood and i know where he works so we're BOUND to run into eachother... (; i just want his number really bad so i could talk to him more... or if he had a facebook/AIM. UGH. seriously.
but school is ending soon... which is good and bad. i'm going to miss everyone that i'm going to lose most contact with, but i'm excited for the relaxation and warm weather (:
AH. i'm just rambling on now. and its probably getting boring for you, haha.

i'm sorry this post has been boring and ugly to look at. once i have more energy from not studying, i'll be able to make prettier posts ahha (:

02 June, 2009


Ohkay. I'm deeply deeply sorry that i havent been on in FOREVER! but finals are coming up and i've been studying like a MAD WOMAN. so, just bear with me, here (: i wish i had time to write more and have you read a more meaningful post, but i'm on a tight schedule and i'm giving myself only a half hour on the internet because i've already studied for 2 hours! anyway, i'd like to thank Mandy from My Paper Heart for the lovely award (: I'd like to pass it on to my best friends...
this wheel's on fire and Morena from Too Haute to Handle

enjoy :D