05 September, 2009

An Award!?

Thank you so much Mandy for giving me this wonderful award!

10 things about me:
1. I am on page 17 of my summer reading book and school starts in 5 days.
2. I have like 100 pages left to read in another summer reading book.
3. I'm excited for fall, but not for summer.
4. I love muffins. Especially Dunkin Donuts chocolate chip muffins(:
5. I like to always look nice, without looking like i spent forever picking out an outfit.
6. I have a deep down desire to be a supermodel.
7. I love writing letters and getting letters.
8. I go to the library every chance i get.
9. I want to be a writer.
10. My dream is to spend, even just a summer, visiting everything in Europe.

Thanks again, Mandy!
Now, I'd like to give this award to...
This Wheel's On Fire


this wheel's on fire said...

thank you honey!

dailydisastergirl said...

You are adorable. =) I came here just through clicking but your blog is really cute and I really like the 'ready to leave reality'-line. I will be following shortly! :D