28 September, 2009


I just thought I'd share some of my art work from Studio in Art last year.
I didn't have room in my schedule for an art class this year, and looking at these makes me sad ):
but I'm planning on taking TWO next year to catch up for lost time (:

Draw and shade facial features

Draw your hands doing something
(My hand on the right; my friend's on the left)

Bring in/use recycled objects and make a collage about your past, present and future.
various objects; black and silver paint
[my teacher entered this piece into a local student art show, but it didn't make it in]

Draw a fancy letter with an interesting theme
(like the first letters in a story book)
crayola crayons; black ink


Little Bo Peeep said...

Awwhh wow i love your art pieces! I simply ador ethe 2nd and 3rd one <3

I miss doing Art and being with my arty friends. I'm going to Uni soon so i can't wait to do more Art thinking :)

konstantine said...

absolutely adore the drawing of the hands, and i have a new found love for using recycled objects in art... you did it perfectly!

Jowy said...

WOW!..truly talented!

One Love,

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

I'm so in love with the first photo! Eyes and mouths all around a bit kaleidoscope I might say!

Last year I did loads of photography and I'm still continuing on that, but I also started drawing. Now that I am visiting russia and spending a lot time with people who speak language that I don't understand I have drawn a lot. And tomorrow I will go and buy some drawing suff like ink and paper. These will be awesome drawing days!


Nadir H. said...

interesting drawings