04 October, 2009

Reasons why I'm rethinking my hatred of sophomore year:

1. Spirit week was amazing.
2. It rained and was freezing during the homecoming football game and I still managed to have an amazing time.
3. Probably the best homecoming dance to date
4. Creating new friendships and reviving old ones
5. One word: Kyle.
6. Volleyball is awesome.
7. The best season of Degrassi is going to premier in FIVE DAYS.
8. My sweet sixteen is ONE MONTH from friday.
9. I'm playing the first clarinet part in band... and actually understanding most of it.
10. My wardrobe gives me immensely more confidence.


this wheel's on fire said...

This is so great! I'm glad you are happy :D

the go to girl said...

good reasons! high school is once in a lifetime so live it to the fullest.

hey, thx for stopping by my blog and saying hello :)

sending u sunshine from california!