14 October, 2009

Dear Swine Flu,

Dear Swine Flu,
I hate you. Why did you have to infect people in my school and cause other schools to be afraid of us? I was looking forward to my game today!
Honestly, you're not that big of a deal and I can tell you like all this attention but REALITY CHECK: you're not that much worse than the normal flu so H1N1, GET OVER YOURSELF.
Hugs and KISSES,


Sara said...

I hope everyone else realises how severely over-rated it is!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh thank you for your AMAZING comment on my blog, you made me smile lots! :)
oh dear..sorry to hear about your school!
hope things get better soon! :)

firecrackers said...

haha...i know the H1N1 is getting out of control...i hope people get realistic about it soon and you can go back to playing a good game.

ps: thanks for your comments. and have a lovely weekend!