26 December, 2010

Hello Again

Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone's holiday was fantastic! I had a great day. I woke up at about 8:30, finished knitting my sister's scarf, wrapped it and went downstairs.
After waking up my father, my sister and I went downstairs to open our stockings and presents. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of gifts I received, due to the fact that I told my parents I truly did not want anything (I've been saving up for a Mac Book.)
In all, we finished opening our presents and drove down to my grandparent's house. We hung out, ate snacks, read an article on my great-grandfather's grocery store, and ate a delicious dinner. I know it sounds cliche, but I really love this time of year solely because I get to see my family. We have Christmas parties at my mother's dad and stepmother's house and her mother and stepfather's house. Christmas day, we open presents, eat a delicious egg dish, and then visit my dad's parents. It is wonderful.
After the joy of Christmas, I can only count down the hours until New Year's (my favorite holiday) because all of my cousin's from my dad's side come up to my grandparent's house. We all shop, lunch, dine, catch up on all that we've missed from each other (since we only see each other during this time and maybe once over the summer.) It is a wonderful, happy time and I never ever want it to end

A few weeks ago, I learned, from an article in the New York Times, of a website designed for young writers. I immediately typed www.figment.com into my browser and signed up.
Posting in the forums and reading the stories has given me back my inspiration and motivation to write. It was two years ago this vacation that I started my first novel, and have since finished the story line, but have yet to edit and improve it. I still haven't even looked at it since this vacation started, but have started two other stories since starting my membership.
I have published on my page a short story I wrote, and a few poems that I had originally posted on here a year or so ago, but other than the short story, I have not published anything of much significance. I hope that by the end of this vacation I will have let myself publish on the internet something that I have let no other eyes read before. Because, after all, this is the year of taking chances. I have gone out of my comfort zone many times already since starting school, and I can't keep myself back now!

If you would like to read any of my writings, follow me here

I will end this post with a few songs that I have found inspiration in and have found myself putting on repeat:

I love how it starts off slow, and then does the same song again, but more faster. Plus, the lyrics are amazing.

I think I'm just really into the slower songs right now...

Tragic but adorable.

Shun me for listening to Disney music, but I'm actually in love with this song...

I could honestly listen to this song over and over again. It's like an acid trip for your ears.

I will always love The Kooks.

I usually don't listen to rap, but...
1. I love the slow tempo of this.
2. As much as I dislike Kanye, his rap makes me smile everytime I hear this song
3. Cudi is so precious in this video.

This song semi inspired my story line. Plus, every favorites playlist I have has atleast one song by The Kooks.

I hope your holidays are festive fantastic!


Ale said...

merry christmas! and a happy new year :)

Hush said...

such good music tates!!