17 April, 2009

vacations all i ever wanted.

Today is friday. The last weekday of vacation. This past week has been amazing, and so relaxing. I'm almost ready to go back to school.

saturday--> the twins second birthday party! hung out with melissa, stayed at her house till late.
sunday--> easter!
monday-->tennis practice !
tuesday--> raked at my grandparents house and then went to the library and got a bunch of good books
wednesday--> headed up north with my mother, sister, emily, and melissa for some sights and shopping.
thursday--> job hunting! applied at merrell and polo
friday--> read, went out to lunch and ice cream with my grandparents, then came home and read some more.

in the midst of all that, i also rearranged my room so that its more open and refreshing. i'm so excited for spring now, and i'm out of my depressed cranky winter mood (:

i have decided that to get to know me better, you guys can ask me any question(s) you want. just post them in your comment, and i will make a whole post about answering them (:
just so you can get some background on me, because knowing my name and age is one thing, but knowing what i eat for breakfast? thats a whole new story.
so, with the help from you, my background check will be coming soon (:


Enep said...

you've wonderful holiday. great ;--)


fell in the nettles said...

What inspires you to live happily?:]


p.s I'm in dire need of inspiration!

Morena Doll said...

Haley Honey.
I'm glad you're back and I LOVE the new header. So adorable.

this wheel's on fire said...

ah vacations....good times :D

agnes said...

awww... a beatufiul holiday! I am happy for you :)

here's a question for you:
What do you usually do on a lazy Sunday afternoon????

agnes xx

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

beautiful photos!!
what song, book, or film has had the most impact on your life?