08 February, 2010

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Never in my life have I cried so hard from a movie.

This was, to be honest, the most emotional movie I have ever seen.
The boy is so naive and has so much hope and faith that it is heartbreaking.
The characters affected me so intensely that I physically hurt after watching this.
The Holocaust is my favorite time period to learn about. I have read tons and tons of books on it and watched many movies about it. Though, prior to seeing this movie, I had never seen a movie or read a book that was so emotional and hit me so hard. It really showed the innocence of children and how their childhood was so much affected by what was going on in the country, even if they didn't fully understand it.
I highly recommend this movie. Highly.


Lia said...

such a sad film

Fipe said...

really sad, beautiful film

notebook doodles said...

i agree. great film. but sad nonetheless :(

Lewis Ceballos said...

awesome movie!!u're totally right!I was just trying to check the real story and ur blog appeared!