13 February, 2010

The First Night of February Vacation

I came home from a stressful week and decided to kick it old school and plugged in my old VHS player and watched Free Willy.
I love watching movies from my childhood for the following reasons:
1. I love watching the previews and remembering the time when that movie was out in theaters yet... and only said "coming soon to VHS" instead of "DVD and blue-ray" or even "DVD and VHS"
2. Movie mean something different when you're 16 than the when you saw it when you were 6. I can now appreciate the lesson being taught, and I can understand better the feelings of the characters.
3. It brings me back to a time when everything was happy and nothing was ever stressful. everyone was nice and I didn't have to worry about almost failing chemistry and doing all of my global homework. It gives me some innocence and reminds me that there was a time and there will be a time when this will all blow over and i will be happier again.

Sadly, I can't find A Bug's Life,
but I think tonight's movie will be Toy Story.

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