24 February, 2010


Our second snow day of the year. Usually we've used them all by this time! Even though we had last week off, this snow day was much, much needed.

Anyway, yesterday I got a lot of mail :)
Valentines from my cousins ♥

Six more letters to add to my collection of college letters...

Also, yesterday in school, I received...
two sweet 16 part invitations! They're both on March 6th, but at different times. But that day is also my little cousin's birthday! Hopefully she has something on a different day so that I can go to all three!
Trish's is earlier in the day at a wonderful dinner and a movie place!

Gretchen and Jamie's "Casino Night" themed party. I'm excited to have an excuse to dress up!!


jessica said...

oh wow fun !
i love parties ♥

Joyce said...

Awwww your Vday cards and letters from ur cuz are so sweet! I love cursive handwriting and hers is really pretty :) It's nice receiving mails, isn't it? It's the March hols now for me and I'm going to send a few cards/ letters out!! :>