04 June, 2009

Beaucoup Bonjour !

Hello! I am in a very good mood right now (: i applied at this clothing store that i like about a week ago, and the lady there was very nice! so, i went back in today and asked about it, and she recognized me! which is such a good sign. also, she said that she's setting up interviews next week so hopefully i get a call...!

anywho, yesterday we made our speeches for class officers. i ran for secretary. and i lost. but whatever. and i've been studying like CRAZY for finals... UGH. today i'm treating myself to a break from running, studying, and giving myself some quality time with my computer ! haha.
anywho, tomorrow is stephanie's birthday ! i'm so excited. i loveee birthdays :D saturday, melissa, becca, and kenzy are going to a concert (and melissa keeps basically rubbing it in my face that she's going and i'm not because i REALLY wanted to go but i wasn't 'allowed' to go with them because they're going with girlscouts.. haha whateverr.) so i'm taking stephanie to the mall and then we're getting some chinese food (there's nothing like mall food quart chinese food) and then getting some free ice cream at friendly's. some good hayley-stephanie quality time might bring us closer from the farawayness we've gotten.
kenzy and spencer are still so cute. AH. yesterday was their two month (:
becca and wily have something going on... i read a note he wrote to her in english and it was SO FREAKING CUTE. ahh, i want a boy SO bad. i think i like this kid from the tennis team, because whenever we're together, its so cute (: like one day we sat together on the late bus.. ahh! but we have NO classes together, and now that tennis is over... ): but he lives in my neighborhood and i know where he works so we're BOUND to run into eachother... (; i just want his number really bad so i could talk to him more... or if he had a facebook/AIM. UGH. seriously.
but school is ending soon... which is good and bad. i'm going to miss everyone that i'm going to lose most contact with, but i'm excited for the relaxation and warm weather (:
AH. i'm just rambling on now. and its probably getting boring for you, haha.

i'm sorry this post has been boring and ugly to look at. once i have more energy from not studying, i'll be able to make prettier posts ahha (:

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