29 June, 2009

Mondays Make Me Happy !

what makes me smile... :D

  • family fued, match game, password, etc (:
  • that 70's show
  • knitting/making string bracelets
  • organizing
  • grocery shopping
  • being the last one awake at night and the first one up in the morning
  • finding pictures from far away memories
  • the 'MOB'
  • the feeling after i've accomplished something great
  • making collages
  • cutting out pictures from old magazines
  • chocolate!
  • being in target

keep smiling !(:

i don't know if i told you guys, but when i started my job search a while ago, the first place i applied at was Ralph Lauren. I thought i did horrible (it was the first time i ever applied for a job) BUT i got a call today and we set up and interview! I'M SO EXCITED ! i already picked out my outfit and everything! i'm kindof nervous, but even more EXCITED ! :D

1 comment:

Annie said...

being in target makes me happy too :) and making collages is pretty much my favorite activity!

good luck with your interview! tell us how it went (and what you wore)!!!