17 June, 2009

What a Wonderful Wednesday

Actually, it wasn't such a wonderful wednesday for me, as I woke up this morning, immediately went to school for biology review and then came home and cleaned. haha.


i just wrote a sentence on biology and my test tomorrow, but decided that i didn't want to talk about school. i don't want to talk about school. school = FML. but after learning that i got a ninety on my practice test = GMH. so i'm not too worried.

i enjoy the summer so much. the other day i spent at the lake with my extended family. i can't wait to spend numerous weekends there this summer, relaxing, catching up on my reading, and (hopefully!) darkening my ridiculously pale irish skin !

its so beautiful and peaceful here (:

in not-so-relaxing news, i'm dying to see this concert although, i don't know if i'll have a job and i have volleyball tryouts the next morning bright and early.

i'm kindof stressing on having to read this for AP global. with weekly questions. and an essay. and this and this for english. (actually not so much the last two. i'm looking forward to those) what happened to NO SCHOOL over the summer...? blah. i'll stop complaining now (:

HIS VOICE IS LOVE (don't look, just listen. haha.)

seriously, this post secret like completes my life right now. well, not really completes it, but totally describes it. Adam is graduating and its so sad. the two years that i attended the same school as him, catching glimpses of him anytime i could, noticing his little quirks, and memorizing his schedule and where and when our paths met. i can't believe it's over. and i will probably never see him again. i will know truly if we're meant to be if we ever meet again. it's so hard to explain my feelings for him. although i've only had but three conversations with the guy, i know we're so meant to be. and its so cliche, because he doesn't even know who i am. i am so pathetic. hhaa.

they are awkward, strange, wierd, and FREAKING HILARIOUS. seriously. my addiction. horrible day? some that 70's show, and mr. mitchell davis is all i need (: PLUS. i love his wall. how much i wish i had a polaroid...

ohkay, well as much more i'd like to share with you about my brain, i should really be studying for good ol bio right now. i need to freshen up the right side of my brain because the left side has been working hard for the past... well, really long time.

expect some literature next post, because i keep finishing books (which i deeply deteste doing!) and i have a lot to say (:

until then,
stay lovely. <3

OH! and i have some cute fashion to show off, also (:
AH. i keep thinking of stuff i need to add. hah.


Megan said...

i would love to go to blink too!

Everyone loves fashion said...

great pics! :)