02 June, 2009


Ohkay. I'm deeply deeply sorry that i havent been on in FOREVER! but finals are coming up and i've been studying like a MAD WOMAN. so, just bear with me, here (: i wish i had time to write more and have you read a more meaningful post, but i'm on a tight schedule and i'm giving myself only a half hour on the internet because i've already studied for 2 hours! anyway, i'd like to thank Mandy from My Paper Heart for the lovely award (: I'd like to pass it on to my best friends...
this wheel's on fire and Morena from Too Haute to Handle

enjoy :D


this wheel's on fire said...

AWW THANK YOU! That is really, truly sweet! Thanks so much :D

Morena Doll said...

Thanks so much Hayley.
You're so so sweet.
You're one of my blogger Best Friends also.


I love this.
Thank you so much.