28 August, 2009

volleyball love.

and it was a lot of fun.
although i am now incredibly sore, tired, and always hungry, i have to say it was a blast.
i really like almost everyone on my team, and i can tell this season is going to be amazing :D
i, myself, have improved so much, and i can feel it. I'm so much more confident on the court and even with my teammates.
although the conditioning has been killer and i've been basically limping around everywhere and avoiding stairs and cars as much as possible (its very hard, but they're very painful!) i have been having the time of my life. i almost forgot how much i missed slapping a volleyball to the ground (:

our first scrimmage is on wednesday and we get our jerseys before then. SOOOO EXCITED :D

but volleyball means school and i am SOOOO not ready for that!
(i still have to finish my summer reading books for ap global and english... oh dear...)

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this wheel's on fire said...

i used to play volleyball! i loved it