02 August, 2009

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,
Kenzy, I saw what you were writing to Becca on facebook. about how you should go shopping together because you havent seen eachother in a while...
i havent seen any of you basically all summer. i'll admit that i've been busy, but, well, i've kept in touch through fb and texting and stuff...
but i just want to be invited to stuff. nobody ever invites me to anything. i know i sound so immature, but i just feel so left out. like all the time. because anytime i see you guys its either in school, or because I planned something. sometimes i just want to be the one that's invited to go shopping, or to the movies.
i'm excited for the party that i'm throwing tuesday night, so i can see you guys, but again, it's something that i've planned. sometimes i wonder why i put in all the effort of being friends with people who obviously never want to hang out with me.
sometimes i just wonder what i do wrong to make you never want to hang out with me.
thanks for always being there for me, guys..

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Dooder City said...

you should call her.