26 August, 2009

Happy Home

Two weeks in the middle of nowhere with only my family, some new friends, and books to get me through the lack of connection with "the outside world" (it's really not that bad living without internet/phone/tv. i can go 2 weeks or maybe a month at most, but no longer..)

my two tie dye shirts. my cousin, sister and i had to use Rit from the nearby hardware store to tie dye, and it was a disaster! all of our first shirts came out well, but then the dyes got all messed up and the rest of our shirts ended up looking like barf. not to mention that SOMEHOW the dye got EVERYWHERE. on the floors, on the table, in clothes that WE DIDN'T EVEN WEAR TO TIE DYE IN! we mixed the powder inside, so we thought maybe it was airborne or something because there was red everywhere. we got it out of the floors and the table and sink and counters, but not most of our clothes. it was an incredible disaster... hahha.

random photography. we have millions of golfballs lying around because when my uncle goes running at his home, he finds buckets and buckets of them and just picks them up and brings them to camp since the "guys" (my uncles and grandfather) go golfing almost every morning. up here. hahah.

the road that my camp is on. it's farther in the woods and you can't see it from the road.

i thought my shadow looked cool... hahha.

my parents and dog chilling in the front yard and looking at the lake.

the best sunsets! we were driving home on our boat from a bonfire at the beach and i just had to capture this fantastic moment. it was pitch black out except for the beautiful colored sky.

across the lake.

the sky, again. the clouds are wonderful up there.

roasting marshmallows! it looks like daytime, but its actually 730 at night.. hha.

my mother, sister, grandfather, great aunt and I went on a hike with the outing group. the view from the top of the mountain was amazing!

me modeling. hahha.

the view from the top of the mountain, again.

the mile-ish long path that led through the marshy area of the trail.

bike riding!

i also went on a ton of wave runner rides,
got a horrible tan,
evened out my tan a bit,
got sunburned,
met some people i wish to never see again,
saw people i wish i could see more of,
got a million bugbites,
got a spider bite?,
met someone that i wish i could have taken home with me,
went to walmart more that i would have liked,
and ate icecream almost everyday.

i wish i was still there...

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