03 August, 2009

some fashion inspiration.

My sister informed me recently that she wants to dress better and more fashionably. (though 'fashionably' in her mind is different than the high fashion and runway i immediately think of when i hear the word 'fashion') in anyway, i lent her a bunch of my old 17 magazines to look through and pick out outfits that she likes. she did, and i cut them out and am making a little composition notebook full of "Megan's Fashion Inspirations." It's quite lovely, I have to say. Here are a few photos of hers, though I have added many since the photos were taken. They'll be updated, and once I photograph my book, I'll add show you those, too (:

[p.s. happy 50th post to mee (:]


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah thats pretty cool!
i like!

lavelle said...

happy 50th post! i always want to make a scrapbook, but cant bring myself to tear up my magazines! it would please my boyfriend though, i have 3 towering piles sat outside our bedroom door that he hates! xx

Mar said...

i like that

Your Momma said...

that's a very nice collage, I should start making ones of my own. they look very fun :)


this wheel's on fire said...

such a cute idea!