26 July, 2009

Dear Guns, Germs, and Steel,

Dear Guns, Germs, and Steel,

I am interested in reading you, but I have to admit, you are stressing me out a bit. Your words are so small and your pages are so long, and you are full of so many intricate details, I sometimes can't keep up! And with the questions from my teacher piling up, reading you has become even more stressful! I would love to sit down and just enjoy you, but highlighting and looking up vocabulary has just overdone it. I feel like I can't handle it which makes me wonder if I'll be able to handle the class during the school year with all of my other work. Now that I think about it, though, maybe you're just preparing me for next year. Thank you for that, I guess. But still, I really don't want to be stressed during summer, and I really don't want to do work during summer, and I really don't want to even think about school during the summer.
So GGAS, maybe one day I'll find you, and reread you and think of what and idiot I was for complaining about all of your intelligence, but right at this moment, I would love to just shove you in the back of my closet, or maybe bury you in my backyard and never see you again.

Love (kind of),


this wheel's on fire said...

I've never read this dear :(

makemoremistakes said...

You should definitely bask in that book. It's a good one.