09 July, 2009


/i've been totally owning at middle hitting (:/



Hello! I have arrived home.
Volleyball camp was incredibly amazing. everything was utterly perfect. even the workouts weren't terribly difficult! and i have improved so much, i actually feel like i know what i'm doing.
i'm so happy to be home, though.
oh! i almost forgot! there was also a boys lacrosse and boys hockey camp at the university the same week as our vb camp. it was a perfect touch (:


KATIA said...

I love hearing about people that are passionate about something. I guess you it's volleyball :)
By the way I love your header, stickmen drawings always make me smile

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i am glad you had a good time!! :)
hehe, i loved the comment about the boy's teams that were there!

Sylvia said...

Hmm...this makes me actually want to go to volleyball camp now!