31 July, 2009


Yesterday was the most fantastic day I've had in so, so long. It was definitely one of the best days of summer (:
my mother had to tutor in the morning, then she had a doctor's appointment so my sister and I went over to my grandparents house to swim and such. When we've been going over there, usually I just hang out and read and then jump in if I get really warm, but Megan and I ended up swimming for four hours straight! It was loads of fun(: first, we [attempted] to take fun pictures of us jumping off the dock.

After we failed with that, we went all old school and played games that we hadn't played in years! First, we did some 'water gymnastics' and made up fun routines of flips and twirls and handstands and backflips etc, etc. I haven't done that in SO long! Then, we got this giant tube out and just swam, and paddled on the tube, and counted how many seconds we could stand and stay balanced on it. It was just loads of fun (:
besideds the sunburn i recieved (ow!) yesterday was a fantastic day. words just cannot begin to explain.

After we got home from my grandparents house and my father came home from work, we went to meet his cousins that are visiting up here from across the country. we went over there a few days ago for dinner a few days ago and it was fun, although a bit awkward because we had, really, just met everyone for the first time. I played with the little girls though, and they are so adorable (:
so yesterday, we went over again for dinner and had a blast. when we first got there, I entertained the younger girls again. Then, we had dinner which was hilarious! The youngest girl was talking about how she had a baby in her hip named Charlotte (we have NO idea where she got that name from!) and a baby boy in her other hip named Braces Umbrella. Very interesting... she was just adorable! After dinner, the older kids put on our bathing suits and went down to the lake. I guess earlier that day, John, Joe, and Katie found an orange... and named it Kyle. They also tied rubber bands and a string around it and attached it to a rock at the bottom of the lake... hahaa. After jumping off the roof into the water a few times, we went and rescued Kyle. We took him back up to the deck over the boat house and jumped off with him. It was hilarious! We also tried taking pictures jumping off the roof, but that didn't work out too well since there were five of us and jumping backwards (so that we were facing the camera) was a bit scary! Anywho, we threw Kyle, then we jumped in to save him and so on. It was a blast! But finally, when my parents called us to go home, we threw our little friends out into the lake to have a nice little vacation... hahhaa.
We got out and as our parents talked on the driveway, we made up stories about Kyle, and I honestly had a blast! They are so funny! So now, we have code names and everything. It's hilarious. I'm so glad we went!

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Sounds like a great time!