17 July, 2009

Yo yo yo

Hello! I'm Back! (i've actually been back for a while, i've just been reading/commenting the hundreds of posts i missed instead of updating my own...)
anywho, i've been doing lots of thing lately, busying my time.

i've been reading for AP global lots.
and making bracelets.
and while organizing my room i found shrinky dinks! hahahha. i'll post pics of my shrunk dinks soon (:

also, i've been in a very creative mood lately.
pictures of that soon to come (:

oh! and i'm making some changes and such to my blog, so be helpful and vote (or whatever) on the poll, or email/comment me some feedback (:


Everyone loves fashion said...

awwww I was making friendship bracelets when i was soo young... :)) Nice post!

Beth said...

Love those bracelets!
And of course the shrikny dinks are swesome as well ;)
Beth x

lea said...

thank you for you comments! you seem so cute :)

julia. said...

i like the hair fashion kit!