10 July, 2009


Once upon a time, Hayley was sitting upstairs, blogging away when she looked out the window to make sure her puppy hadn't run away. As she looked out the window, she saw something dark run across her lawn. Confused at first, she did a double-take on the strange creature before identifying it.

"MEGAN!" she called, loudly.

Megan, Hayley's younger sister, ran upstairs to see what the commotion was. "A CAT!" Hayley exclaimed.
"RUFUS!" Megan exclaimed back, earning a confused glance from Hayley.

"RUFUS!" Megan said again before explaining. "I saw that cat a few days ago, and he keeps coming back. I named him Rufus!"
Hayley looked at Megan and they both rushed downstairs. After bringing Reilly inside, (because he was being a huge ruckus, seeing the cat) Megan went over and petted the kitten gently.

"Father said that we can keep him, but Mother said that he and Reilly won't get along." Megan explained. "Rufus doesn't have a collar, and I asked neighbors and nobody knows who he is. I want to keep him!" If only Mother and Father were home at the moment, so the two could plead with them, but they were off at a dinner.
"Oh, I want to keep him, too!" Hayley exclaimed excitedly, but with a hint of disappointment in her voice, knowing that the dream will never be true.

As the sisters talked, Rufus decided it was time to go back into the woods. Deeply saddened, the two girls said their goodbyes and prayed that Rufus would come back and he would soon be a part of their family.

"Goodbye, Rufus!"

"We'll miss you...!"


ONiC said...

normally i dont like cats. but he look cute.
anyway, you got the cutest header i ever seen.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh such a cute story..i hope he will come back soon to you.