14 March, 2009


i have become addicted to we<3it.
c'est moi.

my mother and i went to the library today. after, we drove around the city looking for somewhere to go. we finally set at a consignment shop to look around. the little shop had a lot of nice name brand things for dirt cheap, but i didn't find anything worth buying.
on our way home, we decided to stop at the manor antique shop to look around. i have found my new addiction! i found all of this beautiful jewelry and vintage clothing! i wish i could have bought it all! but i had decided on a beautiful 50's gold dress to wear to my aunt's wedding in august. i also bought a 50's beautiful black jacket and matching little purse. so cute! i looked around a bit for jewelry/accessories to match my dress but they were closing and we had to hurry out. my mother also picked out this beautiful chunky ring for herself, but what i'm going to borrow often (:
we had a grand old time trying on old 50's dresses, vintage kilts and old 40's hats. i also found this amazingly beautiful tea set that i would DIE for.
i can't wait to go back tomorrow and buy more stuff!

i'll post pictures tomorrow of everything!
stay freshh;


Anonymous said...

can't wait for pictures, it all sounds lovely! vintage shopping is seriously the best thing ever.

Rosie Posie said...

hello dearest!!

thank you ever so much for your lovely lovely comment on my blog :)

your blog is just so lovely!!! it sounds like you had a lovely day with your mother :) i love shopping with mine!!! and going around vinatge shops with her is fun, because she finds lots of stufff from the 80's and always says 'i had one just like that!!!!!' which always makes me giggle, to see what she wore!!

your dress sounds beautiful also!!!

take care

anywhere I lay my head said...

Vintage shopping is so much love, too bad there aren't any good thrift stores around where I live;)

Thank you so much for your sweet sweet comment on my blog!

Mary said...

Antique jewelry is definitely my obsession! It's so much prettier than anything you can find nowadays!