17 March, 2009


it is now 10:36.
i try be off the computer by 8, in bed by 9, and have my light of by 10.
it is now 1037.
i am really tired, and i'm not going to be able to get up tomorrow morning.
i though that i wouldn't have to go to bed early because i don't have actual school tomorrow, just a leadership conference. but now i'm thinking that i'm kindof stupid for thinking that.
it is now 1038.
i should really get off the computer. i'm really tired. but i'm addicted to reading blogs. and i'm addicted to FML.com. please save me. gaaahhhh.

church school today sucked.
tomorrow's kenzy's bdaaaay!
i was just going to write something but i forget what..


Mandy said...

hello, i love reading your blog, ive tagged you

this wheel's on fire said...

i love the stream of consciousness. my favorite professor says he loves my writing because he can tell what i'm thinking as i'm writing. okay that doesn't make much sense as i type that haha

thanks for all of your comments by the way!! xoxo

E said...

:/ I sleep at 4 am in the morning! lol

Eeli said...

Babe! Your sleep patterns sound just like mine! Its currently nearing 2 am this morning :( And i'm still wide awake! Boooooo.

Have you tried reading a book or smelling incense? I've heard that works :) And it feels so great to be back too! You wouldn't believe how much I missed you all though lol. I can understand where your friend is coming from. Perhaps her relationship with her parents wasn't as lovely as yours or mine? :(

Anyway i can empathise with ya. I'm addicted to blogging to! hehe :)

nonsenseofthetruth said...

Hahaa, I have this all the time :D