26 March, 2009

I Can't Stop

I can't stop thinking about you
you've taken over my thoughts.
I can't stop feeling you.
you've taken over my feelings.

I can't stop remembering that night
you've taken over my memories.
I can't stop remembering your sight.
you've taken over my eyes.

I can't stop wondering what could have been
you've taken over my wonder.
I can't stop thinking of what that silence could have meant
you've taken over my curiosity.

I can't stop writing about you
you've taken over my creativity.
I can't stop stopping what i want to do
you've taken over my desires
I can't stop wanting you
you've taken over my heart.
I can't stop melting into you
you've taken over my soul.

Today was a good day.
Tennis practice was canceled though, boo!
Julie and I have become very good friends. We always say hello and laugh whenever we see each other in the hallway. It feels good to finally befriend people from out of my class.

Mary: Church school was great until the obnoxious girls from my last session joined my class from this session. Although, this week's class was good because nobody paid any attention to them even as much as they wanted the attention. It was great (:
and do you know what i mean by being obnoxious attention obsessive girls?
I'll give you a few examples...
quote from last session:
Mr. W: ...and he choked on a fish bone...
Mr. W: Yes, cassie... he choked on a fish bone...
cassie: how'd he do that?
mr. W: well, sometimes when you buy fish, the bones are still in them and you just swallow them...
cassie: wait, FISH HAVE BONES?
...honestly? after i told my friend, she's like, "That's like asking if there's milk in chocolate milk."

and a quote from a two classes ago:
cassie and gracie: we should become nuns!
gracie: mrs? do you have to be a virgin to become a nun?
mrs: yes...
gracie: oh, well then i guess i can't become one!
mind you, we're in NINTH grade in CHURCH school which is in a CHURCH.
we're all like WTF!?

seriously, i am so done with them, haha. buuuuut, the boys ignored them and talked to me during last class (: haha there this kid, josh who is amazing. he's freaking hilariousssssss. hhah.


Anonymous said...

oh man, that cassie girl really sounds like a piece of work, good luck surviving church school with her! these pictures are totally plugging into my romantic mood lately, absolutely love it.


setyourselfonfire said...

gorgeous pics!

Morena Doll said...

Ugh those pictures are so amazing.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah i love your cute, amazing, beautiful blog!!
i love everything about it, the way you use your words, the way you tell your stories, your day...i love it!

Stacy said...

the photos are fabulous.

Mary said...

don't worry, i'm sure they'll turn into the girls who post their picture in the inane "rate my bewbies!!!11!!!!!!! lol!!!!" groups that are invading facebook lately....

Good on the boys for making the smart choice :)

Eeli said...

Sounds like you had a pretty fantastic and funny day!! ayayayayay :P

I really like the photography you've added and geez did the poem accompanying them render my heart sore. I still have slight feeling for my ex and those thoughts just caming rushing back like an avalanches' fall :(

Anyhoo, I'm not so certain what to make of Twotter just yet. May just leave my account open for the sake of it! *sigh*

Hope the week ends fantastically for you! :)

E said...

beautiful photos! and your story is funny lol


agnes said...

I can really feel those words there, I am feeling the same too. awwww.


L.a. said...

WOW ! those pics are gorgeous !

Michele said...

Nice words...beautiful poetry. You are talented!