23 March, 2009

it was the best of times, from broken homes and battle scars to where we are.

Today was such a great day.
i started off the day with a biology test that i actually think i did well on.

and finished the day off with a motivational speaker.
thinking that it was just another DONT DO DRUGS OR DRINK ALCOHAL assembly, i readied myself for nap time.

when my principal introduced the guy,
[ Micheal Pritchard ]
with an;
"All i ask for you is to come in here with an open mind,"
i figured that this couldn't be that bad...
so the guy started off with a bunch of funny stuff.
and not cheesy funny, like funny so that EVERYONE was laughing.
but then started to get into the serious stuff.
and it was wicked interesting.
he kept using children's quote as life lessons.
like one little kid said, "We can't put our anger on other people and other people can't put their anger on us. We need to stop playing anger tag."
said simply, meant deeply.
basically the whole assembly was about life.
and not school.
he told us that this whole assembly was about our hearts.
he talked about what the effect of the media has on us.
about all of the violent video games,
and the immoral tv shows.
and how they teach us that drinking and doing drugs make you 'cool.'
he taught us about bullying
and how we all need to care about each other
and how bad mean words hurt
and how much we have an effect on people's lives,
even though we don't realize it.
he told us stories about little kids.
his kids, and when he was a kid,
and how we need to stop drinking bottles of "hateorade" in the morning.
(from the words of a 6-year-old.)
we need to start listening to our hearts.
we need to start listening with our hearts and not our ears,
we need to start seeing with our hearts and not our eyes.
and at the end of the assembly, he asked people from the audience to come up.
to come up and talk about their experiences with bullying or drugs or alcohol,
and what we need to do to better our school and our community.
to become connected again.
it was, i think, the best assembly we've ever had.
and then i came home.
and melissa and i dressed warmly and took a few laps around the block,
and then layed in my [SNOWLESS!] yard in the sun.
i felt so free and alive, and young, and stress free.
i love these days, when everything goes right.
but then i found out that caleb,
the guy i've been talking about basically nonstop since thursday
when i saw him again since summer,
and whom i like very much,
but i'm not going to let it ruin my mood...(:

how was everyone else's day?


Mary said...

I loved the positivity & fantastic images in this post! seriously, wow, glorious! I love inspirational speakers!

My day's good, but I am too too too too excited for tomorrow so it's hard to appreciate the moment!

Sara said...

wow you just made my day!

Gladys said...

I love your Blog! :D