01 March, 2009


i watched this movie on ShowTime last night. Although it only recieved 1 1/2 stars, i was not disappointed. I could go on and on about the positives and negatives of this movie, but rather, i'm going to go on and on about my mind. if anyone has seen this movie, you see in the beginning of the movie how the main character, Rachel (played by Lindsay Lohan), acts like...well, kind of a slut. and i'm really against all that kindof stuff, so i was like "Wow, she's such a hoe." and stuff like that. and then as i watched the movie, i found out that the reason she acted that way was not because she chose to act like that, but because (Spoiler!) her step-father sexually abused her, and her mother had and alcohal problem and didn't even notice. i realized by watching this movie was that i judge people too quickly. if i had actually waited to hear what she had to say, before labeling her, i wouldn't have judged her actions so quickly. i think that every bad action that people do, whether its acting like a 'slut,' yelling at someone, failing a test, it has more meaning than just what you see on the outside. maybe she's acting like a 'slut' because she doesn't know how to act anyway else, or because that's all she knows. maybe my friend, stephanie, yells at me and fails her tests because she's stressed out and is treated badly at home. so, for lent, i've decided to stop judging people so quickly. when stephanie flips out on me, i'll talk to her and let her know that i care about her. when i see someone make an immoral choice, i'll look beyond the surface and because what you see isn't always what's going on on the inside of someone's mind or heart. so basically, i just want to stop judging people so quickly, look beyond the surface, and try to understand where people are coming from.

My Complete Lent List; stop judging to quickly, quit swearing &+ give out a compliment everyday. that's all i have for now, but i might be adding more to the list (:

these pictures are really cool, too. my favorites are the first and third. her photographs are so 'every-day' -- with lack of a better word. But the pictures are of simple things, but made interesting because of the colors and angles. They're so inspiring.


Emlyn said...

This is a nice post. I feel people are way too quick to judge, including myself, but I feel that if I don't let my judgement get in the way of how I treat them it's alright because it lets me see things I might have not seen at first.

Emily said...

You have good taste and those are all beautiful photos :)