08 March, 2009

forgive me, father, for i have sinned.

This past week was been a very busy week.
sorry i've been neglecting you guys!

my first tennis practice was tuesday. it was huge amounts of fun! i had practice tuesday and wednesday at the elementary school, and then friday at the racket club. friday was a bit depressing, though. for one, we actually started playing and learning and i learned that i need to practice a lot! i bought a new racket, today, though, so i'm excited for next week's practice.

What is Bravo!?

Bravo! is a lip sync contest performed by all students in foreign language classes grades 9-12.. The lip sync contest requires students to memorize and perform (in lip sync fashion) a song that their class chose in early December.
thursday we performed! our whole thing came together so well! our song was
Aux Arbres Citoyens by Yannick Noah. Our performance was so cute! we had a bunch of dancing trees, flowers, and shrubberies in the background (i, myself, was a dancing flower!) and a bad earth killing group and a green group. it was basically a 'dance off' between the two groups and in the end the corporate people turned green and saved the earth! in the competition, french competed against french, and spanish against spanish. the categories were best costumes, best coreography, best lipsyncing, and best overall. if you won best overall, you couldn't win anyother category, though. and then, there was also a category for just all of the 9th grade classes french and spanish: best debut. our class won best debut AND tied with one of the junior classes for BEST OVER ALL! it was great (: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.
i can't wait for the next episode (: i don't know yet who i like, but i sure know who i DON'T like. i'll comment more once we get closer into the season (:

the invisible: INCREDIBLY not what i expected. and INCREDIBLY good. i can't explain to you the goodness of it without giving the movie away. just watch it. its soooo good !

changeling: really really really good. this movie inspired me so much. the main character is such a strong woman, and is very inspiring. also, the time period is the late 20's early 30's. fashion? beautiful.
i was wicked nervous to go, at first. then i got there and found out that of the 12 people in my class, i am the only girl. fun. but then i got to know the guys in my class, because they all go to a different school then i do since the church by me doesn't have faith formation, and i'm not too sad afterall... i am actually quite looking forward to my hour of church school every tuesday night... (:

love always,


Mary said...

HA, I do the sticky note thing like you wouldn't believe! they're all over my walls and everywhere when I get into panic mode!

I also like ANTM a lot this season! I get pretty annoyed by London, as charming as she looks, and I thin Sandra ia beautiful but GOOOOSH, girl, shut up!

Mary said...

PS: Good luck in church school! I've been around only boys most of my life and it does make you stronger, haha.

this wheel's on fire said...

uh oh the title reminds me of my catholic school days *gulp*

La Femme Chic said...

I about died watching The Changeling. THE CLOTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL

E said...

Bravo! sounds interesting.. I have yet to watch the Changeling :( I'm a little behind. Thanks so much for your nice comments : )


kimvee said...

Thank you for the sweet commen! :)
I love watching America's Next Top Model too :P

Enep said...

hi there, blogwalking. nice blog anyway.

xo ;3

this wheel's on fire said...

isn't monty python the best? :)
and i'm glad you know the big chill soundtrack! it's so good isn't it? the movie is great too!!

this wheel's on fire said...

i have "love" written in my writing on my wrist :)