13 March, 2009

Rough Day.

i am beautiful.
you are beautiful.
we are all beautiful.
we all deserve love.
we all deserve friends.
we all deserve freedom.
we all deserve equality.
we all deserve loyalty.

we all need to cry.
we all need to smile.
we all need someone who will make us smile when we cry,
and we can do without the people who make us cry when we smile.

we all need to learn
to love ourselves.
and to love others.

we all need to learn
that we are all in this together.
and that we're all the same
and we all need and deserve the same things.

we should "never look down on someone
unless we are helping them up."
we should never compare ourselves to someone better
and make ourselves feel bad,
and we should never compare ourselves to someone less fortunate
to make the other feel bad.

we all need to learn
that sometimes,
the person who deserves the least respect,
the least kindness,
the least love,
the least loyalty,
really needs it the most.

we all need to learn to love others
and love ourselves.

i love you all.
all pictures from Anti-Pati-ya


Mila said...

Wow, such a gorgeous post Hayley!
Very beautiful and interesting. <3

Love the images...very dreamy.
And those words...just so true.
I really need to learn to love myself. I've been coming to the point i just know that is the beginning of everything. Of living a good life.

Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog, they truly mean the world to me!



notebookdoodles said...

this is a really nice post.
i love every single word =)
and the photos are beautiful!


this wheel's on fire said...

i loved reading all of that!!!

yoooo. said...

lovely photos.
i adooore your blog.

McCall said...

this is great :) i love it and your blog too :)

nonsenseofthetruth said...

Thanks (:
You have also a really beautiful blog! x